Update from the Orphanage #2

It was such a pleasant moment with the kids Yesterday. They welcomed me with a birthday song. That was really heartwarming for me. The coordinator must have told them it was my birthday. We switched to work mode, as soon as we were settled in.

The kids have put in a lot of effort into their projects. Beautiful pieces of arts everywhere. It's quite interesting to see that Esther was through with her work. The others were yet to complete theirs, but they had made reasonable progress. I love the fact that they are paying attention to details on their art pieces quite well.

Introducing the incorporation of other media apart from fabrics into our collage work. We want to begin featuring characters cut out from newsprints and nylon, in our art pieces. This would bring some beautiful variety and add more meaning to our works. I encouraged the kids to cut out relevant and beautiful characters they see on nylon wraps or old newsprints. They would be making use of them. Illustrating this new idea to the kids; I featured the cut-out of a family from a detergent nylon wrap on my art piece of the lady and a dog. I fused it into the work in a way to depict that she was thinking about the family. The kids could relate with the example.

On the use of work materials; I realized that the gum we use gets finished at an alarming rate. Something had to be done about that. I made each child receive his or her share of gum in a container, so that we stop the communal use of the gum. This would help the kids to be prudent with it, since it's a personal item now.

The kids are doing well. Their results are beautiful and their works make a lot of artistic statements that  can be interpreted and appreciated by viewers. They are connecting their fingers with their souls to bring forth such original works. We would move to a new project once they wrap up with the current one.

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