October update from the Orphanage 

I had a great time with the kids yesterday as always. They're always excited to see me, I  do not take that for granted.

Some of them were through with their projects. Esther and Joy have made good speed; they are through. Daniella, Stephen and the other kids are putting finishing touches to their works. I helped them to add some 'spicing up' to their pieces. They all have impressive works illustrating the subject of peace. Each child has a unique pattern infused into his work. 

Peace. Beautifully illustrated on paper. It would be more beautiful if it could be illustrated by our lives. Apart from the art work we did, we had a talk about peace. We talked about how we could paint a lovely picture of peace with our lives. 'How can I be a peace-loving person?' was one of the questions we addressed. Our homes and the society at large needs to experience the reality of peace through us.

Such a beautiful moment. The kids as well as I, are all great and we are enjoying this process. The process of continuous progress. We look forward to the next class.


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