Empowering Self Sustaining Communities

What is the NAMU Project?

"Namu" in the Hausa dialect means "ours". We are passionate about the power of community.

We believe that we all have things we each naturally do best. These strengths can be used to empower our communities. Working together can improve our productivity, health and well-being and social cohesion.

We are especially passionate about empowering women and children. We aim to support communities in provision of education, training or healthcare projects to enable individuals to develop their skills and generate sustainable solutions to some of the problems they face. 

The NAMU Project is a UK registered charity (CCN: 1182029)

Our Objectives

The prevention or relief of poverty in deprived West African Communities by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare projects and all necessary support designed to enable individuals to develop their skills and generate a sustainable income using locally available resources to be self-sufficient and participate more fully in society.

October Update from the Orphanage

October update from the Orphanage I had a great time with the kids yesterday as always. They're always excited to see me, I  do not take that for granted.Some of them were through with their projects. Esther and Joy have made good speed; they are through. Daniella, Stephen and the other kids are putting finishing touches to their works. I helped them to add some 'spicing up' to their pieces. They...

Last weeks report from the orphanage #2

Update from the Orphanage #2It was such a pleasant moment with the kids Yesterday. They welcomed me with a birthday song. That was really heartwarming for me. The coordinator must have told them it was my birthday. We switched to work mode, as soon as we were settled in.The kids have put in a lot of effort into their projects. Beautiful pieces of arts everywhere. It's quite interesting to see...

Last weeks report from the orphanage

Last weeks report from the orphanageAt the orphanage home yesterday, it was such an inspirational moment. So much to see. First, the dilligence of the kids and their boldness of expression as they chorused a unified "Uncle Pelumi, We've been working since morning", at the sight of me arriving. Not out of distress but out of interest. This was clear from the tone of their voices. That sure did warm...

Waste to Wealth

Waste to Wealthimage0image2image4Waste to Wealth - thinking outside the box pilot programme in full swing. The last couple of Sundays, @sephinysmart and Big Phil have continued engaging the kids. We have continued working with waste fabric donated by @maalee_ng and it is lovely to see just how much more the kids are getting done in an hour and a half. They pair up, discuss their creative vision and make a...