Empowering Self Sustaining Communities

What is the NAMU Project?

"Namu" in the Hausa dialect means "ours". We are passionate about the power of community.

We believe that we all have things we each naturally do best. These strengths can be used to empower our communities. Working together can improve our productivity, health and well-being and social cohesion.

We are especially passionate about empowering women and children. We aim to support communities in provision of education, training or healthcare projects to enable individuals to develop their skills and generate sustainable solutions to some of the problems they face. 

The NAMU Project is a UK registered charity (CCN: 1182029)

Our Objectives

The prevention or relief of poverty in deprived West African Communities by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare projects and all necessary support designed to enable individuals to develop their skills and generate a sustainable income using locally available resources to be self-sufficient and participate more fully in society.

The makings of the Invictus Child Arts and Health Project

It has been six months since my last trip to visit the people in the Durumi Internally displaced persons camp in Abuja. I learnt in that time there has been much change – the primary school had stopped running and some older school age children were being transported to other schools, there had been some building on site and some of the camp inhabitants had either moved back to their...

Jos & Namu Project Reflections : Inspirational beautiful boulder formations By Dr Aigbokhai Ohiwerei

Inspirational Beautiful Boulder Formations- Jos / Namu Project Reflection by Dr Aigbokhai OhiwereiDuring my time as a junior doctor and since my first visit back to Nigeria some five or six years ago, I have had a deep yearning to do something in order to give back to the country of my birth. In June of this year I finally got the opportunity to fulfil this dream by being involved in...

The long, winding road to becoming an official charity

The long winding road to becoming a charityIt has been a little while since I last posted about Namu and what we have been doing, in part this was because I felt it was ‘boring’ stuff and I had convinced myself you all didn’t really want to hear about the ‘non-sexy’ stuff.I was told off (many times!) by my wonderful friend Nigel from Cardboard Zebra who has donated and worked...

Durumi adventure

Whatever possessed me to take my daughter aged 8 and son aged 5 with me to a refugee Camp. In Nigeria. On my own. In the (wet/dry/ malaria) season. The fact that their father, a sensible and quiet 40 something went along with it, confirms to me yet again that I did indeed marry the right man. I could not have done this without the support of my family and...