We are a non-profit social enterprise working to improve the lives of people displaced by the Boko Haram conflict in Nigeria. While we want to help women and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds make some money for themselves and learn a skill, we also want to do something good for the communities and local economy. So, with our current pilot we work to help women empower themselves and each other AND we take as many plastic bags and waste sacs out of the environment as we can.


Plarn is plastic yarn - the material we make from that turns a single-use plastic bag into an "upcycled" product. We teach how to make plarn and to crochet so that more and more single-use plastic bags can be removed from the environment and turned into products that are more durable and useful.


We have fortnightly crochet classes, ladies once enrolled work through various crochet skills covering basic stitches as well as understanding patterns. This programme ends with ladies learning how to make a variety of sellable products of high quality and learning more about marketing their produce.


We believe that every community has strengths and potential even in very difficult circumstances, we want to help realise these strengths. We also want to change the way communities think about waste by encouraging the reuse of plastic bags to create ultimately more sturdy, reusable and sellable products. Crafting as well as being therapeutic offers a unique opportunity to talk, learn and enhance our well- being.


 If you know how to crochet and are local to Abuja - become a crochet coach. Crochet coaches are needed to work one on one with our artisans, so they can learn the stitches. (Left-handed coaches are occasionally needed!) Coaching can happen by your schedule or during our craft sessions.

  • Financial contributions are welcome as we develop our training opportunities and to buy needed supplies.

  • Buy our products - this supports individual artisans as well as the group.

  • Donate sewing machines, supplies and equipment.

  • Share the love! Tell your friends and families about us so that we can have a greater reach teaching people about the wonderful people we work with and what they are accomplishing.