Last weeks report from the orphanage

At the orphanage home yesterday, it was such an inspirational moment. So much to see. First, the dilligence of the kids and their boldness of expression as they chorused a unified "Uncle Pelumi, We've been working since morning", at the sight of me arriving. Not out of distress but out of interest. This was clear from the tone of their voices. That sure did warm my heart.

Without much ado, I settled in to view their works. I hadn't gone far with that, when I heard a "prodigal plea" from a child beside me. It was Isaac; soberly pleading to be allowed back to the art lessons. He was all tears, promising to be of best behaviors if given a second chance. Quite emotional for me. Oh, I would have gladly granted him a return access but how was he supposed to catch up on so many lessons he's missed. Arts is not a subject you could read up to catch up, it's an expression of your soul that advances in stages. You grow into those stages through practice. I'm afraid it's a little too late for Isaac to return, we've gone too far ahead. What do they say again about an opportunity once lost.

The kids have gone far indeed. They are through with the craft assignment on mat making with fabrics. I see that they were able to use a good mix of colorful fabrics. Taking a deeper look at their works, my mind saw a beautiful possibility. So I tried it out. 

What did I see? Each child's little piece of mat placed beside the other child's own, all six works arranged together and what do we have? A whole piece of beautiful artwork making a unique statement. This art piece thus formed, tells a story and what story is that? The variations of fabrics interlaced tells of individual kids, though different from each other in their unique creative expressions but birthing so much beauty as they form a connection and bond together. Different fabrics giving a beautiful outcome; this talks of unity in diversity. The fabrics are African showing that the kids are African. The fabrics have different colors, telling us that the kids have different complexions. Several other interpretations can be given to this artwork depending on the viewer's perspective. With such beauty and meaningful interpretations, these pieces arranged into a whole is worth the display at our exhibition, which we're working towards. 

As to the project on storytelling using collage, the kids are coming up with beautiful stories and creations. Ranging from the image of a football pitch to airplanes to the rainbow in the sky; they are coming up with lovely art pieces. I assisted them with a few touches here and there to help enhance the aesthetics of their works. 

Advancing in artworks is a gradual process. Stages are reached steadily. The kids are making good progress at this steady advancement and it's such a delight.

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